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      Design Principles Of Clips

      Jan. 17, 2020

      The clips is a fastener used for sealing at both ends of the product. The design is small, convenient and practical, and the application of the clips is very wide. Common not only are the Great Wall clips, but also U-shaped Clips. For sealing products with different needs, what are the specific applications of clips? The most common application of clips is the packaging process of high-temperature meat. The Corrosion Resistance Double-card Sealing Machine can be used for both ends of ham sausage, sealants, explosive tuyere packaging, and other special equipment for tuyere processes. Its function is to specify the model number. The clips are fastened at both ends of the sealing process. The use of clips clamps can ensure the sealing performance and thus the storage performance of the medium to be sealed. Therefore, snap-on and snap-on double card sealers are necessary equipment in food processing plants.

      U-shaped Clips

      U-shaped Clips

      During the installation of the clips, the operator mainly judges whether the clips installation is in place through the feel and sound, so the following points need to be paid attention to when designing:

      1) Select the appropriate amount of deformation. The clips is installed through deformation and rebound of the fastener. Too small deformation is easy to cause the installation to be insecure; too large deformation is easy to cause installation difficulties or even unable to install, and damage the clips.

      2) When designing, pay attention to some obvious phenomena such as changes in sound and feel when the clips is installed in place.

      3) When designing, pay attention to the number of constraints of the clips. Too many constraints place higher demands on the machining accuracy of the part. In the actual assembly process, it is easy to cause the installation to be incomplete or impossible.

      The clips provides a convenient, fast and economical method of product assembly, because the combined parts of the clips are simultaneously formed during the production of the finished product, and there is no need to cooperate with other locking accessories such as screws and mesons during assembly. The clips positions can be matched with each other.

      Although the design of the clips can have a variety of geometric shapes, the operating principle is roughly the same: when the two parts are clipsd, the hook-shaped protruding part of one part is pushed away by the striking edge part of the connected part, Until the hitting edge portion is finished; and then, by the elasticity of the plastic, the hook-shaped protruding portion is immediately reset, and the groove behind it is also immediately embedded by the hitting edge portion of the connected part, and this inverted position is formed immediately. For the state of each other's clips, please refer to the operation principle diagram of the clips.

      The above is the design principle of the clip introduced by Clip Manufacture Equipment Wholesaler. Hope to help you.